Nepal , a small country with an area of approximately 147181 sq kms is diverse geographically as well as ethnically with more than 61 ethnic groups and 70 spoken languages. You will find varied rich cultures and vibrant traditions, exquisite temples and monuments as well as fast flowing rivers and tropical jungles teeming with wildlife, making your trip an unforgettable experience. It is a multicultural, ethnic and multi-lingual country. However, all the people from different races and religions live in harmony and there is an ideal blending of Hinduism and Buddhism.

Besides, Nepal is well-known for its great Himalaya and one of the adventurous destinations in the world but also the country is home of authentic villages, unique culture, tradition, beautiful flora and fauna, amazing wildlife and wildernesses tourist attraction that attracts thousands of tourist every year. A short and easy cultural Village Walking Tours  and holiday trips in glorious and cultural villages of Nepal following hiking and walking trails with your trek guide in Himalaya is a lifetime  experience. We Organize excellent treks, peak climbing, culture and walking tours, jungle safari, village experience and short holiday packages for the comfortable travel keens. It is our privilege and pleasure to help plan, research, explore and guide you to through some of Nepal’s top glorious villages and trails that leads you the world’s best places of interest to finest communities, cultural and natural heritages and welcoming friendly locals, and splendid Himalayan Panorama of Nepal.