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Dan Comanescu

Namaste Suman,

As part of Romanian tradition, around holiday season we make a brief summary of the year that was….to reflect, to appreciate, to share and to plan for the future.

By far the greatest achievement of my year (maybe of my whole life) was attempting and conquering the Annapurna Trek.

I came to visit Nepal with a daring dream, to achieve the almost unthinkable – for me.

With sincere thanks to you Suman and also to the exceptional company of our fellow trekkers, Helene, Julie, Wayne and Lars….your support and encouragement carried and lifted me to the top of those mountains. To witness the sunrise on Poon Hill.

There are no photos, movies, nor words… nothing… that could replicate the magic of my personal encounter with the Himalaya.

The treasures of Nepalese culture, the warmth of the people and the beauty of the unspoiled all created such a unique experience.

I urge everyone, no matter what sacrifices are required, to try it, to do it and to be proud of it.

Thank you again Suman for your support and belief in me.

I wish you, your family, our fantastic porters, the drivers and those partners associated with your tours, a prosperous New Year and progress fully towards 2011 with peace and love.

Dan Comanescu

Baia Mare – Romania

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